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GearBrake roll out latest Motorcycle safety gadget

GearBrake roll out latest Motorcycle safety gadget

Posted on 31.07.14 at 10:30 | 1075 Views

It’s summer! And what better way for all of you motoring enthusiasts to embrace the unusually sunny British weather, than getting on your bike and going on an adventure?

But with the sunny weather comes some unfortunate dangers- decreased visibility perhaphs, making it more difficult for motorists to detect slowing-down motorcyclists. And with the amount of visual clutter on the roads, riders can easily go unnoticed to other road users, more so in particularly bright weather.

Brake light modulators have been around for a while and have served an excellent purpose in protecting motorcyclists, by displaying a flashing brake light to signal other road users. However they have always relied on the rider hitting the break to make them work- until now that is.

GearBrake has come up with a new design that cleverly detects deceleration from any cause- whether it’s rolling off the throttle, downshifting or simply rolling over a bump in the road. When the bike slows down, the brake light is activated, alerting the driver behind to the bike’s change of speed.

GearBrake’s design is patent-pending, and although based in America, GearBreak is available to purchase online at www.gearbrake.com, and retails at $69.

Make sure you take all necessary safety precautions this summer when out an about on the roads.

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